Is Ito Smith a drop now?

Game flow didn’t help yesterday but at this stage and given his next three games (Dallas, @Saints, Ravens) he is looking like a handcuff and not much more at this stage. Who would you look to grab in his place, standard scoring:

Best RBs available - McCoy, Penny, McGuire, Samuels and Adams
Best WRs available - Keke, Miller

(My other RBs are Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Jones, Cohen and WRs are OBJ, Green, Allen, MVS)

For sure with your depth. I’d grab Miller

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Oh should add, Josh Reynolds is out there too. If Kupp has torn his ACL and done for the year, getting the Rams slot WR for ROS is a must add over all these to me - would you agree?

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Idk about a “must add” but it’d be a good speculative add.

I’ve stopped ito in both spots I had him. Picked up Broncos defence as also have the bears and need a day for when they play gb and la. Suggest you start making plans if you’re in playoff hunt as you won’t start any of this waiver wore guys over your roster. rb handcuff or def/qb/te optionsc