Is Johnson my pick?

I’m picking 3rd in the first season of a new keeper league. 12 teams, 6pt passing TDs, full point PPR. David Johnson is the pick right? (Assuming Gurly and Bell will be gone).

if gurley is gone, absolutely! I’d go Gurley, DJ, Zeke then Bell. Normally I’d put Bell 2nd, but the steelers situation with him turns me off just a little. He’s still top 4 obviously, but id rather guys who aren’t holding out and are more likely to play all 16 games.

Yes! Absolutely! No Doubt!!

If he’s not there pick one of the other two who are (Gurley or Bell). David Johnson is the only RB to pass 400 fantasy points since LT did it that record breaking TD year, and he had last year off. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the number one back this year… I don’t think anybody would be surprised actually.

im still going zeke at 3. zeke is a consistent pound the rock guy, who was trending upwards on catches, and is the focal point of his offense, but he has a good o line. but i wouldnt stress it, youre not going to make a bad pick choosing between DJ or Zeke. pick your favorite, either by name, team, or just as a person and youre good.

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Hot take here but I’m going Zeke at 1. He’s the best rusher efficiency-wise of the 4 and is expected to get a sizeable increase in passing work with the losses of dez and witten. Gurley will not repeat his 19TDs, if he gets 13 that brings him right back down into the conversation with the other 3 rather than above them and that offense is due for regression (#1 scoring offenses always regress to some degree and last year was historic).

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i am on board with this. i dont ever bring it up cause i know how much it will get criticized, but if i have the 1.01, im really considering zeke. i get it, gurley looks great and i want him on my team. bell is the best back in FFB over the last 5 years. but i like everything that is going on with zeke. i like the player and how he plays. so im with you on that, even if we do get called crazy for it lol.