Is Julio a must-start?

I have Julio Jones and Robert Woods currently lined up with Gordon, Baldwin, and Dez Bryant on the bench.

The waiver is pretty healthy as well with dudes like Martavis Bryant, Crowder, Westbrook, Sanu, and Agholor.

jones isn’t a bad play. last time he went up against lattimore he didn’t have a ball out day. Plus, Lattimore was just coming off 2 weeks of injuries and was coughing up blood and couldn’t grab oxygen. He’s fully healthy now.

I’m trying to justify sitting him as well. He’s only had 1 monster gMe and 2-3 ok games this year.

I think Julio is a must start, plus the Ballers have him as their top WR this week.

I think julio has some of the poopiest pants in the nfl but in a playoff game you gotta play whoever gives you the best chance at suffiecient scoring. I wouldnt stream anyone over him because he has probably the highest ceiling of any player.

He also has an injured ankle which may limit him. Ballers had him as the #2 last week and he had 50 yards on like 8 targets and crapped me to the third place game. Worst trade of the year, gave up kamara and a championship to have Julio…

Yes youre right. Jones has been nursing an ankle and thumb. He’ll need to play top notch against Lattimore.

Man that’s a tough loss. I ended up drafting him in the 10th rd and questioned it until AP left. Can you say KEEPER!! Haha. So youre out of the ship?

Gordon, Baldwin, and Dez are just as likely if not more likely to have a bad game as Julio but none of them have the same potential to have the monster game Julio can have. I would rather risk having a bust week with Julio than those other guys

That’s true. Dez did enough for me for a comeback win Sunday night in one league to get to the championship and Julio failed to on Monday in another. Although Funchess is the one that really killed both teams because I started him over Tyreek Hill in both leagues.

You cant sit Julio, I just want to out of spite for being an awful trade I made.

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Out in my most important league because I made every wrong move last week.
Rivers over Dak. Collins over Lewis. Jordy and funchess over Tyreek
Hill. And NO defense over 2 others that scored more. Lost by 8…

Also it is a 4 player keeper league that I gave up kamara and a 3rd rounder
for Julio to a guy that started 1-5 thinking I was getting a steal…

Awesome thanks guys. Julio and Woods and are my current starters.