Is Kamara a risky pick at #5 overall in a 3wr full ppr redraft?

He said that he hurt his knee last year and he is also in a committee with Latavius. I have concerns with taking him at #5 overall. I would like to start my draft with 2 strong rbs, as the rbs in the mddle rounds like Bell, Conner, and Gordon are kind of risky too, and would rather take wrs starting in round 3.

Our league is 10 teams, full ppr, full point for first downs. 1 qb, 3 wrs, 2 rbs, one te, 2 flex. Should I go with Kamara, CEH, or Michael Thomas to start my draft? Thanks!

In a 3WR 2 flex full PPR, I would take Michael Thomas. I feel like RB’s won’t matter as much when you can start 5 WR’s each and every week. Especially in a 10 team league, you can zig to WR’s, while others zag to fight over the top RB’s

I agree with the above. I think Kamara would be fine too, but I lean Thomas in full PPR 3-WR leagues. At pick 5 though you may not have a choice. I assume either Kamara or Thomas will go 4. If so then be happy you got one of them. But if they both fall, go Thomas and hope that one of, Jones or Ekler falls to your 2nd rd pick and go them.

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