Is Kamara/Landry for Nuk/Howard/Collins worth offering?

.5 PPR, 10 team

I have


Probably not worth it. Love Kamara, love Landry. Love Nuk.

Howard has me worried currently and Collins is pretty trash.

Kamara for anything less than Saquon or Zeke is not appealing to me.

I just need a win and Baldwin is what has killed me several games so I’m trying to get a stud receiver to pair with Hill. So I wasn’t sure if it would be worth that and going with Mixon and Michel as my main backs and occasionally flexing Howard or Collins.

What’s wrong with Landry? This is the start of the good matchups for him and baker.

I would play Hill, Landry and Sanu this week. You can’t play baldiwn until they show some passing consistency.

I think I just needed a boost of confidence because I have made one wrong move in three weeks that have cost me so it makes me question my team. But it has pretty much been Baldwin every time. So I think that is the lineup I’m going with.