Is Kamara worth it?

My league mate wants to trade me Kamara for any 2 of my players listed below.


My remaining WR and RBs are
J. Williams
Diontae Johnson
Terry McLaurin

Opinions? I don’t feel like any combo of two is worth it.

I’d probably hold with what you have.

If you were to make a move I’d say to push Golladay and Carson. I think what you have is solid tho

I don’t think Kamara will be worth what you have to give up. But if you are dead set on getting him, I would try Carson and maybe McLaurin if you can swing it, or Montgomery and Adams

I say Adams only because he’s been dealing with this injury all season and still has a bye week coming. You might get 3 games out of him (excluding playoffs), and I think Lafleur likes throwing to his RBs. Meanwhile Golladay leads the NFL for TDs tied with Evans and the lions are being forced to throw more.