Is Kelce at 2.06 too much?

Whats up footclan, draft season starting and listening to the TEs podcast this week i started to think if i should reach for a TE early in the draft. Last season i ended up with Trey Burton/Jordan Reed and obviously i got very frustrated every week at this position.
This year i got the 7th pick. I will get either lev bell or david Johnson, or an elite WR. Is a snake draft, so 2.06 is my next pick.
I was thinking:
should i go Kelce there?
should i wait till 3.07 and try getting Kittle or Ertz?
Or should i just wait till the last rounds and stream someone?

Half PPR, redraft league.

I think taking him there is fine. He should return that value to you

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I don’t remember what post it was, but I liked the way someone else broke it down on here recently.

If you look at it this way, Kelce should return the 2nd round value if you wanna take him there.

  • Kelce would be your WR1 (he would’ve been the WR8 in 0.5ppr last year & the WR11 in 2017)
  • Your WR1 would be your WR2
  • Your WR2 would be your WR3
    If you can find a WR3 that should produce consistently you should be good. Barring injury, Kelce should be great again this year.
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Thanks fellas. Since we are on the subject, based on the mock drafts i ve done so far, it seems that either Hopkins or Adams will be available at 1.07 and the best rbs available there are gurley, mixon, conner or gordon.
If i really decide to pick kelce at 2.06, should i get an elite WR at 1.07 and probably end up with no great RB, or should i reach for an rb like conner or mixon and pass on the WR talent that is available?

I reached for stars in my draft and grabbed Gurley with the 7th pick. I knew he wouldn’t make it around back to me based on my league and although he has risk, he has such a high upside. I think he has something to prove this year and comes back with a vengeance. Not to mention the fact that he’s been playing with an arthritic knee for years so it’s always going to be a risk. McVay has stated numerous times that Gurley remains their focal point though.
I went RB, RB in my draft though grabbing Gurley and Bell knowing I need another solid RB in case Gurley goes down so take that for what it’s worth.

I’m drafting 12th in a 12 team league and will think about him long and hard at the turn 1.12-2.1
depending on who falls off the board before me.

I have Kelce in auction for a fair price as a keeper. Not keeping him. There is much value at TE despite what is being said. Get a RB. The position is so volatile you have to have them. Odds are one, two will go down at some point. Get the RB. Kelce is a Cadillac. Fine pick but Caddy’s don’t win league’s. I learned this last year. RB’s were dropping like flies at the end. I will never learn that lesson again.

In my situation I posted above. I am likely keeping a RB and drafting a back at the turn, but if the WR I like are gone then I will consider WR1 production from a TE every time over a WR that is more risky or a level down.