Is Kelce worth his price?

So am drafting 10th in a 12 team 3wr flex ppr league , am usually taking Julio with my 1st and kelce at the 15th pick in 2nd round , is he worth that price or would you rather have another high wr like hill , Thomas , juju or even Gurley or cook

Any feedback would be appreciated

I’m fine with that price. There’s only 3 TE guarantees really so snagging one early and not having to worry about finding one down the road makes for a less stressful draft


with your league set up I would pass and hammer WR. TE lose a little bit of value in 3 WR + Flex leagues.

In auction I paid a heavy price for Kelce last season. He delivered the goods and would have no problem doing it again.

The Saints won’t have to lean on MT as much this season. I’m a big Saints fan and the writing is on the wall. Ginn is back, signed Jared Cook, rookies have developed and they threw several passes to Latavius in PS. Not to mention some other WR’s are blowing up in camp totally off the radar like Emanuel Butler. I would stay away from MT.

I could see MTs targets go down but his TDS should go up to offset any loss in points.

I like Kelce a lot for obvious reasons but in a 3 WR + Flex league TEs values do drop compared to 2 WR + Flex.

I also believe Kelces points are coming down as it’s hard to believe the KC offence will be as good as they were last year (ie 50 TDs).


True but does kelce produce better numbers than the RB1 or WR1 that are going there…

What has changed. Kelce hardly anything. MT, a lot has changed. Coach Payton wanted to spread the ball around and has that ability now. Good luck though.

Thanks for feedback guys

fwiw and to give you an idea of what it might look like to take Kelce early:

I’m in a 10 team .5 ppr league that drafted yesterday and Kelce went off the board with the 9th pick in round 1.

That team wound up a little weak at RB: Kerryon and James White as the 1 and the 2.

But this coach could’ve had LeVeon, Gurley, Conner, Chubb, or Dalvin with his second pick and chose Julio instead.

He could’ve had Marlon Mack, or Derrick Henry or Devontae in the 3rd and chose Kerryon instead. I think he did alright there.

He passed on David Montgomery for Thielen in the 4th.

He also could’ve had Ingram or Chris Carson with his and chose James White in the 5th instead.

This is a quirky league…some guys are really savvy, and others are WAY outside the box, so those players might not be the ones available to you in each round if you go Julio / Kelce with the 1 and the 2, but it does maybe give you some idea as to what’s up…

Good luck!

I have no issue taking Kelce at his current price. He’s going to perform just as much if not better than RB/WR being drafted in that area. Plus at scarce position. I’m grabbing him in any league I can.