Is Kelvin Benjamin Droppable!?

I have the first priority on waiver and i’m aiming for Rivers since Smith is back to being a joke. That said I’m kind of hoping to keep both Baltimore and Detroit which would leave Darkwa or Benjamin as someone I have to drop (KB is in IR spot at the moment). If he isn’t listed as out on the day of waivers is KB droppable. I realize when healthy he can be good but we’re going on a month since he’s done anything.

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Cant you just drop Smith?

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Honestly he hasn’t done much healthy and he’s never good coming off of injury. I think he is droppable but how is your WR depth?

I have KB on IR spot therefore I can’t just drop smith if KBs status changes from O to Q. If he stays O then yes, but Yahoo rule is you can keep them in IR as long as you want, but if they’re active and you want to make a roster add then you have to drop 2 for 1. It’s got it’s perks and its downfalls

I would drop Smith in a heartbeat for Rivers. Rivers has a fantastic schedule ROS. I wish I had him to play as several weeks I would play him over my Captain Kirk

Anyone else can’t drop smith due to him being on the undroppable list in ESPN? lol what a joke.