Is Kenny Golladay legit?

Kenny Golladay is on the waiver wire and I’m wondering if I should pick him up. I’m thinking of dropping Jarvis Landry for Kenny Golladay or Alshon Jeffery. Looking for suggestions.

I can only say that I’m kicking myself for not getting Golladay when I had the chance. Those who watch film and make trustworthy evaluations are very high on Golladay. Chris Harris says he is A. J. Green in talent. Of course, he’s competing for targets with Tate and Jones, but I really wish I had him now.

I did pick up Alshon Jeffery myself, but I think I’d rather have Golladay than Jeffery ROS. I’ve actually considered offering Jeffery for Golladay, but I don’t think the best time for that has come yet.

Can you share your roster? I wouldn’t want to drop either of those players.

Yes he’s legit. Drop your kicker/defense for him and then swing a 2 for 1 trade somehow because you shouldn’t drop either of those guys


I’m in a 6 team league. I have Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Keenan Allen and Jarvis Landry. I’m thinking that the upside of Golladay or Alshon would be better then the safe floor of Landry

Landry has an amazing sched coming up.

They plays the Bucs, Steelers, Chiefs, and Falcons next.

I love Kenny G. Drafted him in every dynasty league I could get him and take late round fliers on him in most of my redraft leagues as well.

From a talent and build perspective, he is the prototype WR1 and honestly, might already be the best WR on his team. I wouldn’t be surprised if he led the team by years end. Stafford trusts him and loves to target him. I like how they have used him all over the formation and he has basically become their possession receiver.

Having said all of that, Jarvis and jeffrey do not belong on waivers. Are you in like an 6 man league or something? All of these guys should be rostered. I’m sure you can find another drop for Kenny G.

Yes it a semi competitive 6 team league. As for finding someone else to drop, I’m not sure I can. I’ve got Ryan and Wentz as my QB’s. WR’s are Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Keenan Allen, and Jarvis Landry. For RB’s I have DJ, MG, Joe Mixon, Alvin Kamara, Jordan Howard, and Sony Michel. I also have Kittle as TE and then 1 kicker and 1 defense. Just looking to get better depth with some upside at WR

I would drop Wentz.

oh hell yeah. In a 6 team league I’m only rostering 1 QB.

Drop Ryan or Wentz. There is no way you should be rostering 2 QBs in a 6 man league. That is insane.

Yeah. Now thinking about it, I’ll be getting rid of one if my QB’s. Thanks for all the feedback!

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