Is Kenyan Drake dropable

I’ve been going back and forth with the idea of is Kenyan Drake droppable in a 10 man league. For almost the entire season drake has felt like a handcuff to nothing. He randomly goes off for a 22 pt game showing some spark. Do we drop him?

If we do, what would we drop him for? A d/st stash? A second TE (e.g. njoku/Doyle/McDonald)? A stash RB stash like Adams, Elijah McGuire, donta foreman? Or another waiver WR4?

Interested in hearing others thoughts and what they are doing w/ Drake.

who else do you have at RB?

And who is your TE?

He is dropable if you see another player that you look or can use. It is crazy that he is only getting 5-7 carries a game. I know I cant trust him.

I have barkley, chubb and AJ. I mean, I just think you’d have to truly be desperate to put him in. He got what, like 3 touches last game? I just think it’s about time to cut losses. TBH, if two of my backs get injured at this point I’d rather grab gore off of waivers and know I’m getting at least 6 pts

I just can’t see a scenario where you put drake in. I think you’d be better off plugging in a gore, Adams or mcguire type. More meant to be theoretical but my TE is kittle.

With your rb’s you won’t be starting him any time soon true. But I bet he’ll get scooped up pretty quick depending on your league. Gore has been overused for the sake of ball protection. When the Dolphins are at win or go home time (which is rapidly approaching as their divisional opponents keep winning) I can see Drake being more involved on passing downs and big yardage attempts, but again idk when you’re gonna actually feel good about starting him over your other options. Doyle for this week might be a better use of that roster spot with Kittle on Bye.

Ya, if I drop him he will definitely get grabbed. I have a WR core of OBJ, hill, diggs, Gordon and woods. So there is a 0% chance I’d flex him even w/ an RB injury (2 would have to go down)

I think at this point someone like a ware or Malcolm brown probably has more worth cause you know when they’ll get constant production.

Here’s the thing if you’re gonna drop him (which I have no issue with) and know he’s gonna get scooped up then shop him around. See if there’s anyone who bites on the name and upside who needs a RB or flex. Don’t expect a big return but it’s worth a shot. If nothing then cut him for Doyle IMO

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