Is Kerryon worth keeping in 2 keeper league?

Here are my options (standard scoring):

WR: Thomas, Cooper, Boyd, Davis, Golladay, Anderson
RB: Edwards, Miller, Cohen, Hunt, Barber, McGuire, Kerryon

Going to keep Thomas for one, but I’m not sure about the second… It would’ve been Hunt but not anymore…

Would Cooper be a better option to keep over Kerryon? Both Cooper and Kerryon carry some risk heading into next season.

A lot can change between now and the start of next season, but which 2 should I keep if I had to choose now?


I’d be keeping Edwards, personally.

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Collins looked like the starter last year. BAL usuallly rotates RB a lot and his snaps have been going down but you never know.

Kerryon was looking like the clear RB to own before he was injured…

Do you keep them in the round drafted or does it not affect the draft?

the keepers take the place of the first 2 rounds of draft picks. So the draft starts in round 3.

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Then no. Take someone who would be a really early pick.

I guess kerryon or Edwards… cmon hunt :confused:

lol yeah would’ve been an easy decision if Hunt hadn’t f-ed up