Is Kupp a WR3 ROS?

Right now my WRs are:

1 - AB
2 - Thielen
3 - Kupp / Smith / Goodwin

And I want to believe in Kupp’s production (pre-injury), however I’m concerned about regression and the fact he just had a few good games to start the year maybe…


Kupp has consistent though not elite volume (with elite red zone usage) on an elite offense. To me he is a wr2 rest of season

Kupp is a WR2 in half or ppr formats. He’s not going to have many more of those huge blowup games from early in the year but those were WR1 numbers. At his production level and red zone usage, I think he is a WR2 and weekly starter pretty easily.

He easily beats out smith and Goodwin as your 3rd WR though.


All I needed, just faltering a bit because this week I have Thielen on BYE so I really need Kupp and AB to carry my WRs with Smith as my WR3

Better than me. I have Nuk/Sanders on bye and AJ GReen is injured. I have AB as my WR1 and Tyrell Williams as my WR2. Yikes. Although if i were to play tyrell one week, would be this one vs Oakland. Having said that, whenever I feel that way about a player like tyrell is when he goes out and gets like 1 catch for 15 yards so we’ll see.

Yeah, I’ve been kinda keeping my eye on Tyrell as well. BUT…EXACTLY as you made mention of @MikeMeUpp…just not sure enough of him yet to feel comfortable making a move on him yet.

The thing is…at this point in the season…if you don’t make THE MOVE now…the chance could disappear before you can react!!!:smirk:

Yeah its better safe than sorry. My advice to you which is the path I am taking is pick up Brown now, because he seems like the obvious choice and that’s the one everyone else would get. And then once you get to like week 11-12, pick up John Kelly too. That way, you can secure it either way.

Actually…I’m kinda thinking about just going ahead and grabbing Kelly. THAT way…when everybody else is trying to beat each other out for Brown…then after a week, maybe two…Brown can’t pull it off and they bring out Kelly…BING, BAM, BOOM…LOL…guess what…Kelly’s not available. WHY???


This is the time of year that we have to REALLY, REALLY be one step ahead of the pack!!!

Can we not hijack my thread please :sweat_smile:

LOL…sorry buddy!!! Didn’t mean to step on your toes there. Sometimes one thing leads to another in these posts and we all just try to help each other out and offer feedback on everybody’s thoughts. BUT…OK…again…sorry. Backing out and won’t impede again!!!

That’s assuming that it happens soon. What if it’s for the last two weeks. BING BAM BOOM, kelly never gets a shot

By the way, I like your commentary style haha

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Well, Thank you my friend. BUT…I also stand by my word. I conceded to @thomas_man that I wouldn’t interfere with the concept of his post any further. So…thanks buddy…but can’t converse with you concerning Kelly here. Sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:

LOL it’s fine brother I didn’t mean it like that. Feel free to keep discussing. Just thinking of others who want to read about Kupp (in case they have him too) but they click this link and see Kelly-talk thats all :slight_smile:

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Didn’t finish the thread but Kupp all the way man until further notice

It’s all good @thomas_man . I understood your frustration and didn’t take any offense and just wanted to RESPECT your Kupp intentions after your post requesting such.

LOL…trust me…been there many times over the years here. Start a post and it ends up turning into something else entirely and I’m left feeling like I’m still at my original quandry. LOL

BUT…to be honest…many, many times in the process, I might get valued insight into OTHER situations, which is also a plus. LOL…may not help my current situation, but might help a different one. AND…might also help somebody else.

But…again, I know how frustrating it can be…so, sorry I was part of your frustration!!!

LOL…this FFB can be some serious CHIT!!!

PS…for the record…one of the reasons I clicked on your post is because I have Kupp……AND Gurley!!! So, yeah…was definitely interested in everybody’s thoughts on Kupp….and then Gurley’s “handcuff” discussion snuck in there and I couldn’t help but get in the middle of that as well.

It’s all good my friend!!! And from one Fantasy fanatic to another…:+1:

Does anyone wanna talk about the Falcons?


@falcones404 LOL!!!

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I think Kupp is still a top reciever on the Rams and definitely showed he still has the strength to bring fire to the offense in his returning week. I think you have a great lineup of receivers and he should definitely be place at your FLEX over your other options. Hope this helped!

Forced to start Landry and C Davis…