Is Lamar Jackson A good stash?!

I have Philip Rivers Heading to playoffs
Is Lamar good enough to stash just in case? My league holds QBs for some reason and he Is just sitting on the waiver right now for free.
I have nobody to drop really maybe Gerald Everett since I have Jaylen Samuel
Also should I swap Dan Bailey for Jason Myers ?

In short, yes Jackson is a good stash; heck, he’s a great play. But, the only week you would sit Rivers is week 15 vs Baltimore. Unfortunately, Jackson on the road against a much improved LAC defense (Bosa is a beast) you paint yourself into a corner for week 15.
You’re most likely not going to play Rivers against Baltimore; so, I would look for a QB with a good matchup week 15, no other week really matters. If thats Jackson, go Jackson, if its someone else, go someone else.

Yeah I just don’t want to lose week 16 with both my quarterbacks in the same matchup and play the wrong one

Who are your other options? I know I have Trubisky stashed, on my team with Jackson, just for week 16. Trubs plays SF and is on a lot of waiver wires because of the injury.

This is my QB waiver right now