Is Lamar Miller droppable?

I Jane Lamar Miller on my bench and can’t see me ever playing him

dont drop a running back whos getting touches and is technically still the starter. I know Lamar isnt a sexy play, but hes a safe emergency back. I dont know youre format/ league size/ and whos on your wire but i doubt theres anyone you can pick up who would be worth a hold over lamar. you can never account for injuries and at worst hes a decent bye week filler for you.

In a 10 team full ppr 3 wr and flex league my team just now is

Qb: dalton ,wentz
Wrs: green , Tate , Golladay , fuller , Jeffrey
Rbs:Gurley , McCoy , d.freeman ,clement , miller
Tes:Ebron ,njoku

Ito smith or Chubb was the one on I was thinking of replacing him with just feel there is no upside and am 5-1 right now top of the league and was thinking maybe Chubb if he eventually takes over that bk field or even Ito if freeman is out ros thinking playoffs already :joy:

I am wondering the same thing, Miller just sits on my bench, I want to take a risk on someone else and get rid of him.

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I wouldn’t drop miller. Guy got 17 touches this week. Sure it didn’t translate into stud production but that kind of volume is hard to come by on waivers. Definitely not dropping him for chubb.

But if Ito is there, you definitely need to get him. His next gen stats is very promising and I think he is primed for continued growth going forward. If you had no one else to drop and had to pick between miller or ITO, i’d choose ITO.

Ito is on waivers, I have Coleman would he still be a smart add? Also Founette is on waivers…

Wtf. Go get Fournette immediately. Ito is still a fine add if you have that space on your roster. No way fournette belongs on waivers though. If fournette showed up on my waivers, I would spend 100% of my faab.


Ok…what about Dion for Ito?

I have a feeling I won’t be the only one spending all my money on him…

I hope you have the highest FAAB remaining then.

Give me ito. I want no part of the titans offense outside of Corey Davis. I’m even worried about him given how bad mariota is.

Thanks Mike. Yeah…I’m about fed up with Dion. LOL…and I had such high hopes for him this year. But…yep…just like with Doyle…I’ve had it!!!

ugh… no i don’t and I know the guy ahead of me is gunning for him. I’m #1 in the league and hes #2 hes got probably 5 or 10 more FAAB. DANG

You’re probably SOL buddy. I’d throw in a backup waiver claim for when that claim doesn’t go through so you can get ITO.

What do you think of dropping L. Miller for Clement?