Is Larry Fitz a #1 receiver?

So I love Larry legend as much as the next guy, but from a fantasy perspective should I view him as a #1 receiver to start on my team? Right now in my 12 team standard league (no dynasty) I have zeke, Howard, and mixon, with my starting receivers being golden Tate and JuJu Smith. I’m trying to trade some of my depth RBs (tevin Coleman, kerryon Johnson) and JuJu for a viable #1 receiver on my team. Is this giving up too much for Larry or is he gonna produce enough even with David Johnson back to be a #1 receiver on a team?

I’m gonna treat this as two separate questions.

  1. Yes, Fitz should be looked at as a starting WR for your team. He shouldnt be drafted as your WR1, which it looks like Tate would be your WR1. He won’t put up numbers like he did in his prime, but if Bradford can stay healthy Fitz should end the year as a top 24 WR easily.

  2. What are you actually offering for Fitz? To me it sounds like you’re offering Coleman, Johnson and JuJu for Fitz, and that’s a lot to give up. I’d say start by offering Johnson and JuJu, if he doesnt take it then coleman and johnson. If he still doesnt like it try coleman and juju.

Fitz was a WR1 in the last 2 seasons depending on your scoring, but fantasy is a weekly league and he doesn’t provide consistent production. He’s a great 2nd WR to have and personally I’ll take him over tate or Juju all day.

I will say that is a lot to give up for Fitz but it’s not crazy. I would probably aim a little higher with that offer first though. Maybe target a TY Hilton or Devante Adams type and see if you can get an RB needy team to bite.