Is Lynch’s season over?

Marshawn lynch news broke today. MRI for his groin strain. “ Oohgww! My groin!”

Was trying to move him after this weekend then this broke out. Has that time passed? Is he worth anything. Guess we will know more after the MRI

Your trade window has likely passed. Been telling peeps to sell him since like week 2 or 3. Not only has he been scripted out of the game 2 weeks in a row, he now has an injury on top. Not sure if you can get anything for him. Better of holding and hoping he recovers.

Yea I screwed up big time. Last week had a offer on the table - Hilton for lynch. I said I would take it after this week. Cuz I was playing that opponent and didn’t want him to use lynch against me. I needed the rb for that week. Now this happens argh

That sucks. I would’ve jumped on Hilton for Lynch. Especially cause going up against Seattle, I didn’t think they’d be able to keep the game that close. It’s okay man. We all mess up. I know I mess up plenty. Not like this kills your season or anything. Doubt you wasted too much draft capital on lynch.