Is M. Goodwin worth keeping on the roster?

I drafted him late thinking he may be a steal. Hasn’t worked out and Jimmy Handsome is done, so should I even keep him or try to package in a trade?

I’m in the same boat and haven’t had any luck packaging him in a trade

Right there with ya. Tried packaging and no luck. maybe hold onto him another week and see if he randomly has a good game with CJ. doubtful but if he does it may help with trading him.

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I’m glad we can all commiserate. The only trade I offered him in was to a hardcore SF fan and he still straight up told me he wasn’t interested in him.

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Agree with above. Chargers D/ST this week is a touch matchup and odds of a great game are pretty low IMO. You may look back wishing you had got out in front of it and dropped him unless you’re willing to hold him 2+weeks.

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good luck @jryp17

I think everyone is overhyping Jimmy G here. He won’t have as much fantasy value but he’s not worthless.

Jimmy G played probably two of the worst defenses the last two weeks and definitely didn’t light the world on fire. He looked awful against the Vikings week 1.

I just meant more because he had a good rapport with Jimmy and Jimmy not checking down as much, not because of the talent difference between the two.

Had the same problem with Garcon. My plan was to roster him but I would not hesitate to drop him for anyone remotely valuable on waivers.