Is Mark Ingram worth stashing?

So Mark Ingram’s in my waiver wire and trying to figure out if it’s worth dropping anyone for him. This is my roster guys…

Tyrod Taylor
S. Barkley
M. Gordon
J. Landry
L. Fitzgerald
Jonnu Smith
Corey Davis
Rex Burkhead
Sonny Micheal
Kenny Stills
Eli Manning

What do u think?

yes drop Manning and pick up ingram. worth way more then him.

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Completely agree drop a WB to stash him

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Your question should have been, who do I drop so I can pick up Ingram?

Yes drop Manning asap to get him

@alex_goodwin your right that woulda been an more accurate header question. My bad.

@James89 @Donnysnow @martystoked u guys are right I’ve just been to chicken cuz a bunch of teams in my 12 man league are hogging QBs. Lol. The best one left are litterally Dalton,Fitzpatrick, tannanhill, and Darnaold atm.


If everyone else wants to hurt their team by rostering two quarterbacks I say let them. The whole point of streaming a quarterback is playing somebody you normally wouldn’t. But with Barkley Gordon and Ingram in your lineup when Ingram is active that could be massive points. Then the toughest decision will be who do I drop so I can stream. And honestly tie rods been on my waiver wire and I’m not rushing to get him. But you got to do what you think feels good, Ingrams probably already gone from the waiver wire by now. I just dropped Robby Anderson to pick up Doug Baldwin in my league, playing the long game.

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