Is McCaffrey worth trading?

I am in a 12-man half PPR 2 keeper league. My two keepers are McCaffrey and Hopkins. I received a trade offer for McCaffrey / R15 for his R3 / R3.

My current draft order for 2019 is:

Hopkins, McCaffrey, R3, R3, R4, R6, R7, R8, R10, R11, R12, R12, R13, R14, R15.

He’s worth trading for the right price. That price is not 2 3rd round picks in a keeper league which essentially makes those 3rd round picks likely more 4th in value.

Also depends on your keeper rules. Is there a cost? What is the time limit. If there is no time limit or if the limit is 3 years+, would be hard to trade CMC cause he’ll be a top asset for years to come in ppr formats.

Who would you keep if you do the trade? I think that factors in the decision.

No limit on keeping any player for x amount of yours. In order to keep said players you need to use a 1st and 2nd round or just a 1st round if you plan on keeping only 1 player.

Going into the draft I would have to keep Hopkins as R1 and McCaffrey as R2. Trading McCaffrey eliminates my round 2.

So say if I did the trade, I’d end up with: R1 - Hopkins, R3, R3, R3, R3, R4 and so on

Stick with CMC my friend. You’re getting 2x top 6 picks with your first 2 picks. That’s pretty damn valuable.

Sounds good, I was pretty sure of declining. But I am really bias toward my keepers. Just checking to see that I wasn’t doing anything foolish