Is McCoy Droppable (PPR)

My RB’s are Conner, Michel, Chubb, Mack, Johnson, and Drake. McCoy’s bye lines up with Chubb, Michel, and Drake’s so I can’t see myself starting him any other time. I’m starting to think I’d rather had a WR flier like T. Smith or Allison.

Am I being dumb?

i mean you could always try and trade him but hes been pretty unhelpful this year

I feel like I’m only holding him cause of the whole volume narrative but even with volume he’s peaked at 12 PPR points. Volume used to be his floor and now it’s almost his upside.

theres 3 things that make for a great rb. you need 2 of the 3. An above average QB, an above average OLINE, and above average RB. the bills have 1 of the 3. if you want to wait a week and see what he does vs the pats who cant really stop the run then thats your call but the bills will be in a lot of blow outs especially if anderson or peterman is at qb.