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Is mccoy straight up for aj green a good trade?


I know mccoy’s season is about to get a lot easier, but I find myself sitting rather comfortable at rb with levbell, martin, mixon, carson, and allen. I really need a difference maker wr. Is AJ my guy?

I will also try for jordy nelson, maybe julio jones as well. Who would you guys prefer to have, and at what price?

It’s ppr, and my other wrs are michael thomas, davante adams, allen hurns, devin funchess.



Because of your lack of WR depth, I don’t hate it


Yeah I’m thinking the same. I just REALLY wanna love it you know? Maybe I’ll see if my boy davante can resurrect from the dead.


Honestly, the more I look at it the more I do like it a lot. Bell, Martin and Mixon should make for no issues at RB and it vastly improves WRs.


Hahaha that’s EXACTLY the response I needed :wink:


I’d take Green over any player you listed. McCoy included.


Seems everyone is very high on green. Okay I’m going for it. Thanks people


It’s amazing how many people either don’t understand, or don’t remember how good that guys really is. He’s my WR3 and probably 5th or 6th player overall for the rest of the season.