Is McKinnon set it and forget it?

At this point?

I’ve had him a few weeks now and the only time I started him was against BAL when Murray had the big game. His huge games have all been on my bench.

10 team PPR

Should he just be considered a plug and play at this point regardless of roster?

What’re everyone’s thoughts?

I believe so. He has yet to prove otherwise, and very valuable in ppr especially.

Who else would you consider playing over him?

My other main RBs are Hunt and Gordon. But I’m trying to eliminate decision making. McKinnon can be my permanent Flex if I have to.

Just curious about others’ opinions on him. If you own him, is he a must-start regardless of other options or weekly matchup?

Yes I would permaflex him, UNLESS there is a week where a different matchup is just too juicy to pass up.

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Thanks for the input.

Anyone else with thoughts?

Depends on the rest of your roster. But it’s likely that he’s perma flex. Like my roster he’d be perma bench but I ended up with Gordon, Gurley, and Hunt so then i’m just alternating WRs.

Deffiently a Flex, but this week start him as your other RB and go with a different flex with Hunt on bye.

He’s definitely my RB 2 this week. I just hated having him on my bench those weeks where he had huge games. Ideally he has huge games every week. But with Murray involved ya just never know.

They play the hothand but McKinnon is the starter and has a much better upside. I doubt Murray has another game like that, but McKinnon is still a safe play.

It’s not be relevant at this point but I had Dalvin Cook to go with Hunt and Gordon to start the year. I’m just glad that McKinnon has stepped up.

I remember last year when he had to fill in for Peterson he was very hit and miss. Just hoping for consistency.