Is Melvin Gordon worth a 3rd round keeper?

14 team, .5 ppr where we can keep up to 3 players in the first 3 rounds of the draft.

I already plan on keeping Michael Thomas & Davante Adams.

Melvin Gordon would’ve been the obvious 3rd choice before but now i’m debating whether or not he’s a keeper at essentially a “3rd round pick” price tag. Thoughts?

Only other options would be Marlon Mack or Julian edelman. Or I could just keep 2 keepers and have a 3rd round pick (6th pick but depends on if other teams keep players in 3rd ahead of me)

I’m in a somewhat similar situation and can keep him for a 4th round. I think I probably will keep him, but that’s the most I would give up. In your spot I think I’d just keep the 3rd round pick