Is Michel worth dropping for Jamaal Williams?

1/2 ppr redraft. Saw Michel 3rd on the depth chart. Any thoughts?

I say no. First released depth charts are going to have rookies at the bottom. I wouldnt read into it too much

S. Michel is someone I am going to desperately stay away from in my upcoming drafts, especially if nothing changes to that Rb roster between now and week 1. James White, Burkehead, J. Hill, M. Gillslee, and don’t forget about Brandon Bolden, and you have to take into consideration Belichik’s history of playing a RB according to game plan. It just seems like one of those situations where there’s a lot of smoke, thus S. Michel could just simply burn a hole on your roster. I am also of the opinion, and this is simply my distrust of the coach, but Belichik does his best to keep ego’s in check and if a guy seems great, he’ll do his best to curtail it-- only Gronk and Brady have been able to avoid this through the years.

With that said, I am not particularly fond of Jamaal Williams either, especially once week 3 rolls around. If these two are your only viable options I’d go with Williams. And, if that’s the case, watch that waiver wire like a hawk!

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I wouldn’t drop Michel for Jamaal Williams but I think you need to find a way to roster Williams

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I think you shouldn’t drop Michel, but if you’re scared about his range of outcomes, then try and find a way to trade and get value out of him.

I don’t think Williams is the best runner on his team (Aaron Jones may be suspended but he’s the more talented back in my opinion). I wouldn’t drop Michel for him…

While Belichick has certainly proven in the past he will play whoever gives him the best chance to win, he’s also shown in the past that he isn’t afraid to plug his rookies in to see what he has to work with. Michel’s success will depend on what he does with the touches he’s given in the pre season so he’s worth keeping an eye on, but from a purely talent level, he’s the best back New England’s got at the moment.

Both are a bit of a gamble (Michel and Williams) but I’d go with the talent of Michel over the 2 weeks of undisputed starter status of Williams.

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im this forums resident michel hater, so believe me when i say this… you should NOT drop michel for williams. if you dont want him on your team, thats all and well. but trade him. get value back from him. a rookie being 3rd on a depth chart before he has even played a down yet does not worry me. him getting fluid drained from his knee, doesnt worry me. what worries me is that its the patriots that he plays for. but that does not worry everyone. take advantage of that. dont give up a trade piece for free just because of what you think of him. because someone will value him in your league. or, you can keep him because he will have value. its just going to be hard to figure out when.


This is EXCELLENT advice - consider how hyped this current class of rookie backs has been, and you can see the perceived value a first round draft pick should have.

I don’t HATE Michel, I just don’t like how expensive he is to draft; that being said, I think he’s still a more complete back than Burkhead and White, and while I may or may not be Jeremy Hill’s biggest fan here in New England, it’s clear that the Pats drafted Michel early for a reason.

Hell, Laurence Maroney was a bum… we hated him here in MA, but the Pats forced him the football more than he deserved and it’s because of how they value their 1st round picks. The reason BB doesn’t draft skill position players that early is because he drafts for value, and if Belichick thought a RB was more valuable than an o-line/tackle/CB, then you best believe he’ll want to see what he’s got. Maybe it’s not week 1 that he’s starting, but as long as he doesn’t fumble he’ll play (THAT is my main concern… ball security).

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I find it hard to believe that Michel is the only droppable player on your roster. I’d definitely try and roster williams but there is a zero % chance I am dropping Michel for him. I am probably Michel’s biggest advocate on here but honestly, depth charts at this point in the preseason doesn’t really mean much so I wouldn’t put to much weight into it. I am worried though that he is missing the pre-season and possibly early couple weeks in the season as a rookie in a patriots offense. But that doesn’t mean i would drop him. If i was in a league and Michel hit the waivers, I would use 100% of my FAAB budget to acquire him. That’s a good sign that you probably shouldn’t drop a player. If you don’t like him, make a trade. Find another dart throw who I’m sure you have rostered for williams though. I am also a big believer in Williams.