Is Morris worth picking up?

Someone dropped Morris today before the hearing of zeke and I’m wondering if I should pick him up? I have McFadden on my bench because I thought he was the guy… is Morris worth the pickup? Would you rather pickup Matt stafford or Morris? I would be picking up stafford to play defense against my opponent who has QB trouble this week (cousins vs. min) or Morris as a high upside/trade bait. Thanks for any input!! I would be dropping Vikings D since I have Jags D as my starter… standard scoring

when is the trade deadline? I am alrady past in 1 league and another has Saturday as the deadline. I have both Morris and McFadden in 2 leagues (for 3 weeks now) and waiting to see what happens Sunday before dropping 1. If he hasn’t picked up Stafford already he probably wont. most people looking for a QB start for a week would have done it already. Even if you pick up Stafford he can stream another QB who could get score jsut as many points

Good point, so it’s a work league and the settings are that the trade deadline happens last week of the regular season so essentially no playoff trades. And the reasoning is is that stafford was dropped Wednesday by the Brady owner, so he doesn’t clear waivers until tomorrow and Morris was dropped today so he doesn’t clear waivers until Saturday. Currently since I didn’t make any claims this week I have 3/10 waiver priority. Was just curios because of staffords plus matchup against the browns if I should pick him up to play defense against my opponent or pick up Morris instead with my priority

with the zeke suspension absolutely