Is Murray worth the trade

Trying to go after Murray or Watson; QB is my biggest weak spot. Is this worth the trade or should i go to the wire with Goff, Wentz, Tannehill, ext.

My team:
QB: Brady
RB: Cook-A.jones-Carson-Fournette-Mattison
WR: Ridley-Metcalf-Parker-R.Anderson
TE: Goedert-Fant

Their team:
QB:Murray- Watson
RB: Malcom Brown-James Robinson-K.Johnson- Lidnsey-Bell
WR: Hopkins-Slayton-Chark-Thomas-Deebo

What’s the trade offer?

I haven’t made a offer yet. Would like to in the next few days. Just trying to gauge what everyone would give up

I ran into this problem last week trying to trade for Josh Allen, the problem is where these guys drafted them drives the price up, and you’ll be hurting yourself more then gaining. You’re probably looking at Carson minimum, but I would try to trade them Fournette and you’ll probably have to part with another starter to make the trade happen.

Think you’re better off streaming, but Im currently 0-2 right now so Im definitely not presenting myself as an expert.

To get Kyler is going to be steep, he is currently crushing it right now. At minimum you may be looking at Carson/Ridley or A. Jones/Metcalf with a possible A. Jones/Ridley being the counter-offer for Murray.

In the end, you are going to sacrifice a lot to get Murray.

Waston you can get way cheaper, but the way he has been struggling, I would look to the wavier to see who you can streamer over Watson right now.