Is MVS worth burning 4/10 waiver priority?

It has taken me forever just to get to 4.

For what is worth I am using my 3rd out of 10 priority on him. He has been productive and I want to keep him away from the other owners.

Yes. He may easily be the last and best pickup all season. He has a definitive rapport with a HOF QB and a solidified starting job weekly now. Worth a 1/10 priority.

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I grabbed him today as well with my priority, he’s already had nibbles in trade packages from other owners. I agree he could be a great pickup ROS, Rodgers clearly trusts him and with Allison out and Adams drawing the top coverage each week he could be in for more opportunity and he’s been very startable as a WR2 already with minimal targets. Aaron Rodgers WR2 is too valuable to be passed up, i hope you got him!

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I somehow got him today with 7/10 waiver priority and am thrilled about it.

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Similar experience for me too, I’m third in my 12 man league with a stupid rolling waiver priority… but i got him with 10/12 as my top target couldn’t believe my luck!

Man i came so close to dropping Sutton last week to pick him up right before they kicked off, but didn’t. Even posted on here and most people advised against that move. I felt in my gut it was a bad decision not to. Very glad now that mistake didn’t cost me.

I had the same thought process with DJ Moore… I’m regretting it now.

I got him with 10/10 xD I was stoked as hell

I know the feeling I ended up holding 2 DSTs, the Jags and streamed the Cowboys. Stared down MVS for a ages and thought i really should be dropping the Jags for this guy, then he had another solid game and Allison goes to IR and i was kicking myself for not getting him. Worked well and agree very glad i got him too, was dreading waiver day today - until i saw the results!

I like going with my gut on decisions like this but when the footballers say a certain player is worth the top waiver pick I take that into deep consideration. I would pick up MVS with the top waiver wire pick this week.

Yep. As others have mentioned, this may literally be the last opportunity to capture a real difference maker the off the waiver the remainder of this season. It’s a no brainer.

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MVS is certainly a “real difference maker” I do agree with you, it is a no brainer. Im so happy him up last week.

Would anyone drop Fitz for him.

100% without question. Forget the name. This is the year of the no name. Production over prestige.

Reason I ask is Fitz last 2 weeks has a TD in both games plus off the bye and plays Chiefs and Raiders next 2 games.

If you have no better option than fitz to drop, IMO the #2 WR on the Packers offense with over the top threat against any defense is going to out produce Fitz the remainder of this season. If you have a more dropable option, like a second defense, or a second TE, or a second QB, then by all means keep Fitz. But MVS is poised to out produce Fitz the remainder of this season and i don’t think it will be close.

Fully agree with @Caveman45 here, if Fitz is the only option to drop don’t overthink it and pull the trigger. As mentioned the WR2 for the Packers - a team that has one of, if not the best QB of all time and a team that needs to pass to win will be more valuable that Fitz and a lot of other options ROS.

I got him and only dropped 2 spots on the waiver order so that worked out very well for me. Thanks guys.


Precision. Well done.