Is MVS worth burning 4/10 waiver priority?

He is the only drop so will do it. Thanks

I burned 1/12 for MVS, then proceeded to pick up everyone’s RB handcuffs as a fun troll. I wonder if it will pay off lol. Not to wish harm on anyone though. To those wondering, I had the space for this antic because I traded alot of depth for a stacked team.

Would you drop John Brown for him.

I had dropped Drake for MVS. Currently have Bell, Conner, McCaffery, Marlin Mack, Soney Michal, and lamar miller. Wr’s are Cooper, Baldwin, Michael homas and larry Fitz. Thoughts on dropping Drake for MVS?

Good job. Good decision. He could potentially be your WR2 for a bench piece.

That’s a coin toss but the 2018 production, to date, is heavily in favor or dropping Fitz over J Brown.

at this point, burning waiver priority for anyone who starts for you is worth it.

Exactly. Any time you can capture a piece you can play even semi-regularly for someone you’re always hesitant to play, good move.