Is my lineup Playoff Ready!?

Thought here Clan Nation!!! I got Melvin on the bench ready to put in if he’s ready Thursday night … thoughts please !!

Thanks for all the help gezzzz…

I’d consider Moore over Edwards if you are in a PPR league, but it could go either way.

Think I’m gonna keep Edwards he’s got 85+ in 3 of last 4. Games

Is there any better QB streaming options? Not loving the Winston vs the Ravens

Not a big fan of the Titans defense against the giants nor the cowboys. Any on the waiver?

Drop your second kicker and grab Josh Allen over Jameis.


100% agree with this move

There’s Falcons D but I dunno if I can trust

I picked up Allen… so you fellas think start Allen over Jamis and Kirk

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I actually just realized that I missed Cousins on your roster…would be a toss up between Allen and Cousins for me.
Not sure what the Vikings OC firing means for Cousins…

How’s that looking Falcons D now and Allen

What other DSTs are out there?

Yeah roll with the Falcons. And keep an eye on James Conner’s status to decide on Samuels.

If Connor is back I’ll roll out Henry most likely or Moore

Henry in standard, Moore in PPR

Same thinking here Henry standard, Moore PPR. Also like the Falcons vs Arizona a much safer floor as the colts can score. Just stay current with the connor news last time I saw profootball doc didn’t think he play this week or be limited.

Who do I bench of Melvin is good to go for Thursday