Is my team bad?

I only scored 100 PPR points this week!?

Depending on your league, 10-team/12-team, that is a good line-up that is filled with players that just started bad. I would not panic, you are built for the long haul. I would try to target a better QB.


Yeah it’s a 12 team PPR. All of my players played terrible but i felt like i drafted pretty well lol

For a 12-team, you are set. Just let it play out. Week 1 sucks.

Probably want to find a better QB, but otherwise your team is solid.

@jmeb22…if it makes you feel any better, I had a worse week than you did. Scored a big fat whopping 89 pts. (10 team - PPR). Lost Tyreek and played OJ over Andrews. Wasn’t crazy about my team, but DRAFT was really, really tough. Had 9th pick. But figured it was at least a decent team that I could work with:

RB - Chubb, Chris Carson, D Mont, Justin Jackson, D Thompson
WR - Tyreek, B Cooks, D Jax, C Kirk, A Miller
TE - OJ, Andrews

Now I’m thinking…WHAT A MESS!!! :confounded:

Forgot to mention that I also had D Jax on the bench. Had Montgomery in FLEX. Really expected more out of him first rattle out of the box with all the HUGE HYPE about him. (Actually was tickled to death that I managed to snag him in the DRAFT!!! Now not sure what to think)

Dang i genuinely feel bad for you man. We will bounce back i think both of our teams are legit!

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@jmeb22 Appreciate that my friend. I’ve got first WW claim and thinking about dropping D Thompson (with Shady now on the scene) and picking up Chris Thompson.


I would definitely drop darwin thompson for Chris thompson

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Yeah…I have no doubt Darwin has big days ahead of him…BUT…right now not in a position to wait for it to happen. Thanks for the imput!!! :handshake:

I’ve laid my sob story down in other threads but I PLAYED Pettis and BENCHED Gallup and ended up losing by only two points on what would have been one of my easiest weeks.

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@dhauk…I hear ya buddy. I DEFINITELY feel your pain. For a big part of the day Sunday, I had more points on my bench from just two players (Mark Andrews and D Jax) than on my whole flipping starting lineup. BUT…I reckon, for what it’s worth, this was DEFINITELY a first week from hell with all the injuries already and all the busts from BIG players that were expected to do a whole lot more than they did. For me: (Tyreek going down QUICK, Goff - 11, Chubb - 11, B Cooks - 5, OJ - 5)!!! :roll_eyes:

Definitely not a bad team, I personally have many of the same guys and scored less than you week 1. You are set for the long term, but I would try to change the QB.

Yeah I went and got Josh Allen

@jmeb22. Good move!!! I made a couple of moves myself. Got Chris Thompson this morning for D Thompson…and…dropped Anthony Miller and picked up McLaurin. I figured with A Rob, Gabriel, Cohen and Burton (if/when he gets back) all ahead of Miller, he’s prob not gonna be able to do much for me.

Anyway…here’s to ya buddy!!! :+1::+1: And may we both see MUCH more prosperous days ahead. LOL