Is my team Better or Worse after trades?!

After the draft i looked to upgrade my QB and RB positions.

12 team - 0.5 PPR SuperFlex league:

Draft roster
Kirk Cousins
Carson, Mostert, DSwift, Michel, Gibson, Mack, Zack Moss
Davante Adams, DJ Moore, Robert Woods, Justin Jefferson, DJax, Brandin Cooks,
Mark Andrews

Current roster
Mahomes, Herbert. Cousins, Driskel
Zeke, Gibson, Mostert, Michel, Moss
DJ Moore, Edelman, Hollywood Brown, DJax, Brandin Cooks, Christian Kirk
Mark Andrews

I’d say slightly worse. I get why you needed to upgrade QB after just running with Cousins at the draft, but why on earth do you have 4 QB’s now? Like even rostering 2 is barely needed, especially with Mahomes as your 1.

If the Mostert injury didn’t happen i wouldn’t say your too shabby at RB, but with Mostert down all you have now is Zeke and Gibson, Michel and Moss are flex plays at BEST currently and even then i don’t think i’d deploy either of them, so paper thin at RB.

You could afford to shed some WR depth with your starting roster to get an upgrade, but instead you traded away one of the top 3 WR’s in football so you currently have 2 WR 2’s (unless Moore breaks out and reaches the potential the ballers projected him to be) and a High end flex/low end WR2 in brown.

TLDR, it feels like you sacrificed depth and a key WR to get Zeke and Mahomes basicly, and now your rostering way too many QB’s. Even in Superflex you shouldn’t need more than 3 max. Think you got a little too trigger happy with the trade button

The 4 QBs only happened due to a trade for Mahomes that happened last night. Driskel is going to get cut with waivers and maybe Cousins as well.

2 trades occurred:

  1. D. Adams and Mack for Zeke
  2. Carson, Minshew, Woods for Mahomes, Herbert, Edelman, Hollywood Brown

This was also my first Auction Draft.