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Is my team due for a big turnaround?


So I’m 1-4 and making moves
Last Tuesday I traded My
Boyd and Gronk for
Elliot and Njoku
Today I traded Corey clement and Keke for OBJ
Am I turning into a force to be wreckened with?
I have Kamara Hunt Elliot Davis clement at RB
KEKE , Westbrook , d Thomas , Allen Rob and Geronimo at WR


Also I’m the one getting OBJ not the other way around


That is a steal getting OBJ for those two players. I believe you can turn your season around with those two trades.


You made excellent trades on both of those deals. Great job. Definitely setting yourself up pretty well.


Also I just won my game 148 and counting with Hunt vs 108!
2-4 and coming for a title!