Is my team in trouble this year?

Hey everybody week one was really rough for me. Hoping the foot clan can give me some advice. 10 man 1/2 ppr.


Qb Newton
Rb Gordon
Rb fournette
Wr Baldwin
Wr Marvin jones
Te graham
Flx Howard
D saints
K j Elliot

Bn Corey Davis
Bn Nelson Agholor
Bn Tevin Coleman
Bn Latavius Murray
Bn Burkhead
Bn penny
Bn garcon

Some questions I have are whether I should be
Looking to drop guys to make room for players like Godwin Williams etc. should I be looking to handcuff my fournette as a priority? Or maybe pick up some potential WRs

I have some similar pieces and so in a similar situation. I would probably look to pick up Yeldon in case Fournette misses time. I would also look for opportunities to add depth to your WRs with Baldwin likely to miss a handful of weeks. Coleman could be a good piece to offer to the D. Freeman owner in case Freeman misses time (but I suppose he could also be your backup if Fournette does go out and you don’t get Yeldon).

That is where I’m torn! I still have j Howard at my flex as well. Meaning I could slide him into a rob slot if fournette misses time and pick up some WRs. First game was not great. Hoping my waiver wire choices will get me there.

I’m in a similar boat as well, I’ve got Newton, Gordon, Fournette, Baldwin, Saints, Davis, Coleman so i feel your pain!

I manged to flip Henry and Clement post draft for Cook and also swapped Conner and Stills for Mixon and Hogan (gulp) to the Bell owner so I’m loaded at RB but struggling at WR in a big way. I took the shot on Reed at TE so feeling good about that so far.

I can’t get Yeldon to cuff Fournette as he’s owned but given my depth i don’t feel too bad about that. I also have Coleman and Murray, Murray was a week 1 hold to see how much work Cook got so i can drop him now and grab a WR and see what happens! Overall though i think we’ll be okay for a bounce back, there were a lot of big boom performances this week and coupled with our injuries and lack luster performances with a lot of upset results i think this is just week 1 as usual! If I’m 0-3 with my team then the tilt will be real but for now, make a few adjustments with the waivers and reload for next week

I have the first waiver wire pick. Do I take Kittle or Enunwa?

think you’re fine and will get better. graham scares the hell outta me, think he was extremely overrated by many in the offseason and camp, but i would try and handcuff fournette for sure because he has had injury issues his entire career going back to HS, who to drop for him is a huge question mark because i like all of your pieces. wrs are fine. i would see if anyone is interested in a 2 for 1 type deal to open up a spot for yeldon and improve on somewhere you dont feel comfortable.

I would yes, Graham is TD or bust week to week by the looks of it and Kittle was heavily involved and planned involvement too not when things broke down. Running the deeper routes is very encourging too he may actually have a safe floor with yardage and be a top weekly play if he gets into the endzone.

I agree with the idea of Yeldon but, I feel strong about my remaining RBs where like @james89 said Jimmy Graham is honestly turning into a scary play. Week one was really rough I need some High floor with upside guys in my line up.

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