Is my team on a steady decline?

I’m only 1-1 but I’m steadily on the decline I feel like after barely scraping by with a win in week 1 and then losing to a hodgepodge team in week 2. Starting to think my RBs aren’t as strong as I’d hoped for.

QB: Goff
RB: Gurley
RB: Bell
WR: Allen
WR: Watkins
TE: Andrews
Flex: Jacobs
DST: Ravens
K: Gostkowski

Bench: D Montgomery, Hollywood, Malcolm Brown, C Kirk, Woods, OJ Howard (dropping for a waiver claim), AJ Green (IR Slot)

I have Bell and gurley as well starting. and I am 1-1 also. I am confident in both of them Bell will always have work and tons of it like seen last night. Gurley you have to paitent. Looks like they are switching brown and gurley every series right now. So just hope gurley scores on the series hes on the field for. But he should be fine going down the road i beleive.

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Your team looks good. Watkins wont produce numbers like he did in week 1 every week.

I think you have a very solid team actually.

Sell sell sell…but seriously you have a pretty good squad you should be fine. If aJ green comes back and does aJ green things you’re good

Should I try and sell Watkins now?

Bell is probably what I see as my most stable roster position besides Andrews if he continues along with Allen at WR. The others are week to week good floor but matchup based ceilings. I’m thinking of trying to make a go at Barkley or Kamara.