Is my team playoff ready?

Just need some advice on where you all see potential gaps.

QB: Watson, Rivers
RB: CMC, Mixon (Bernard handcuff), Michel, Mack
WR: M Thomas, C Ridley, A Miller, J Brown
TE: Kelce
DST: Denver

Your potential weakness is WR2, everything else is rock solid.

WR is your only issue I see.

After Thomas your WR are very up and down. You have solid players at every other position to where you can probably still win even if Ridley or Miller put up a “0” but that is the only weakness I see.

Ya my thoughts too… prior to last week I had Boyd and Kupp so imo my team was semi beastly but I traded Boyd/Burton for Kelce and then Kupp went down.

Bad timing but if Miller or Ridley can remain fringe WR2 I think my team should perform well ros

Can you still make trades?

If so maybe package Ridley/Miller/Brown + Michel or Mack for an upgrade at WR?

Naw trade deadline is over