Is my team set or do I need more work still? (looking playoffs)

Started off 4-0 and I’m trying to figure out if there’s a lot of work i need to do or if mines a rare case of sit, rotate, and wait for playoffs. 10-man 1/2 pt ppr

QBs, Watson and Winston
WRS, Benjamin, Hopkins, Diggs, and Watkins
RBs , Hunt, Gurley, Gordon, Duke, J Stew
TE, Ertz
K, Lutz
D/ST, Detroit

Am I really just a monitor the waiver wire for one more WR and pick up K and DST as needed (snagged a Kicker this week) or is there something i’m missing. I’m used to constantly making moves out of necessity to get into playoffs so it feels weird starting off hot.

I’d look to improve your QB’s and find more consistency in your WR.

Looks pretty solid to me, to be honest. Hopkins and Diggs are balling. Hunt Gurley Gordon are nuts. Obviously you can always get better, but only thing I would say is to be careful starting both Watson and Hopkins together every week and maybe monitor Gordon’s knee.

You’ve got a great floor with those backs and Ertz. Diggs and Hopkins give you great upside. I wouldn’t want to rely on Watkins as a bye week fill in, but besides that it’s a great roster.

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