Is Preston Williams a start this week?

Preston Williams or Sterling Shepard?

I don’t think so. BUF D is pretty solid, and Parker is a gametime decision.

Shepard isn’t a sexy pick, but he’ll get some short targets when the Bears D Line wrecks the Giants O line like the Steelers did last week.

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Couldn’t agree more, just limited at the flex so I gotta pick the lesser of two evils

Also have Lazard

I think Lazard is even riskier, since he is seemingly the WR 3 behind MVS.
The gamescript seems to suggest a heavy volume week for Davante and the RB corps. and MAYBE MVS or Lazard gets a TD. Meanwhile, the MIA BUF game will probably be low scoring (both Ds are good to great) and NYG CHI may be a surprise shootout, depending on how well Trubisky performs and if CHI can stop Saquan.
MY best guess is Shepard is the safest floor, Preston has the highest ceiling and Lazard is a dart throw.

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