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Is Rawls worth an add?


I’d have to drop one of:

Doug Martin
Corey Davis


Well dropping Doug Martin is a big NO.

I guess it depends on what the rest of your team looks like, Rawls should be added though. Out of this list I like Powell the least just because of the team he plays on.


My other RBs are Crowell, Hunt, and Cohen.

WRs are ODB, Jordy, Crabtree, Hilton, and Diggs


Are you going to play him over Crowell/Hunt/Cohen/Martin/Abdullah/Powell?

Probably not…


I know but he’s definitely worth owning and I hate that he’s just sitting out there for anyone to pick up…I need a bigger bench! Lol


Fair point, but the only thing that’s a bigger mess than that backfield is their run blocking… let some underling in your league worry about the headache. Rawls health is a big question mark too.


Powell and the Jets any less of a headache? I’d rather have the headache that is on a better team than Powell…


I think you’ve got them in order of drop ability I drop Powell first then Abdullah etc etc. However I’m not bullish on Thomas Rawls. If you have the spot, I add Carson and wait for Rawls to get injured or lose the job.


You can do a 2 for 1 trade to open up a spot and then pick up Rawls. I dont think he is worth picking up looking at your current guys