Is Riddick worth anything or worth keeping?

Just want to get the community bearings on Riddick, is he worth a hold or should i try and package trade him for something? My RB/WR guys are as below, fairly solid but if i can get value in a trade I’m keen to try and shop a couple of guys.

RB - Zeke/Guice/CJA/Cohen/Riddick/Breida/Barber
WR - Allen/Baldwin/Crowder/Kirk/Miller/Chark/Cain/J’mon Moore

Standard or PPR league?

Half PPR, 12 team Dynasty

If you can get anything for him I would. Only really valuable in a PPR league, little less valuable in a half PPR. Will get around 50 receptions, 300-400 yards, and 2-4 TDs in the passing game, and hardly anything in the rushing game with Blount and Johnson there. So not great but not terrible numbers, but I can’t see you starting him in the flex over CJA or Cohen.

Yeah that’s about where i have him too, and if Johnson does take over full next year he’ll be a drop most likely depending on roster. He’s one of my only really on the fence guys, if there was something better i’d drop him now but the wire is thin so he stays. Was thinking of trying a few trades to with either CJA and maybe a pick to get an upgrade for my flex spot, I’ve got enough upside with decent starters at WR so not too fussed there at the moment.

Difficult to upgrade at the moment though, everyone loves their guys and on RB’s all the rookies everyone thinks they have the next Kamara.

CJA could have a sneaky good year. Last year Jonathan Stewart had almost 700 yards and 6 TDs on the ground. CJA is 4 years younger, and gained over 1000 yards in a bad Broncos offense last year. I don’t see the Panthers giving McCaffrey a ton of work on the rushing game, and I could see CJA putting together a 1000+ yards 6-8TD season.

True and I grabbed him late feeling fairly pleased with myself. When i add Anderson to the package that’s how i will be marketing him but so far everyone in the league is very low on him. No idea why, as you say McCaffrey is good but it’s not like CJA is on the roster with a true three down guy. If it’s not a decent offer i’ll keep him for sure, could do a lot worse and if he plays well there are some really RB needy guys in the league that will come asking for him i’m sure