Is Royce Freeman droppable?

If Freeman can’t accomplish double digit points in this beautiful matchup…and now has an ankle injury…is he droppable?

My team is 5-1 and I have Melvin Gordon, Corey Clement, Austin Ekeler, Aaron Jones (isn’t he frustrating ENOUGH?!), and Ito Smith. Perhaps it’s best to put that spot to better use at this point…thoughts?

Depends on what you would replace him with.

At this time there is no reason to play him over most of your guys.

If this is dynasty or your bench is light. Just hold him

If it’s just a 1 year and ur done… well package trade him

Nobody really trades in this non-dynasty league I should mention…Jermaine Kearse is still available…?

then drop it like its hot.

he has 2 weeks and then out on a bye

next week is KC will be worthless there too unless he falls forward into the end zone

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I picked him up before last’s nights game in hopes for a big day to trade away next week. Luckily he got into the endzone, but with new about the ankle, it’ll be a tough sell.

I won’t be surprised if I drop him for someone else next week

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Drop Freeman for Trequan Smith? I hadn’t really heard of him (Smith) until just now! :joy: :grimacing:

Well, too late to drop Freeman this week. Just cross your fingers Smith is quiet this week against BALT

Oh darn. I was hoping I still could. Ha. Hadn’t pushed the button yet. :wink:

Well whaddya know, it let me drop Freeman and add Trequan Smith. :white_check_mark:

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oo wow. Ya i’ve heard of leagues that let you drop bench players that already have played, but I thought that was a rare setting.

Good for you then!

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He was on my bench…I wonder if that matters. :woman_shrugging: Oh well! :wave: Adios, Royce Freeman.

I would have to believe 100% you wouldnt have been able to drop him if you started him. Def use that bench drop info to your advantage this year

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I was having this almost same discussion with my sister yesterday. Regardless of how the game went yesterday, and now with the ankle sprain, I would pick up Freeman in a heartbeat if I saw him on waivers.

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Yes, it’s definitely a common misconception that you cannot drop a player whose game is over but who is was not in your starting lineup. I’m not sure if it’s a universal truth, but I can do it in my league, and apparently you can as well! Thanks for spreading the word.

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Someone else’s frustration in that case! :rofl: I don’t see it happening this year for Freeman (barring injury to Lindsay) although he’s a total stud. Maybe he will be in a better situation next year.

I don’t think he’s droppable imagine if Lindsey missed time

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Yeah, that’s the reason I kept him this long but I will let someone else wait for that now. I also have Aaron Jones to wait on for that type of situation. Don’t need two of those types of running backs. Also have Ekeler, Gordon and Clement. Having Ekeler, Aaron Jones, and Freeman felt like too many useless running backs.