Is Royce worth holding as a handcuff and playoffs?

So I need to make a drop to bring AJ off IR and allow me to put in waiver claims.
Cuttable players are:


Question is who are the 2 most droppable players here. Kittle is my other TE.

Out of that it’s Collins and a tie between Royce and Funchess for me

You would still keep ekeler eh? even with his dud when he got the start?

I am the lindsay owner which is why i grabbed royce when i could.

Funchess has a great ROS schedule which is why i’ve been hesitant to drop him. But certainly the run heavy and dump off scheme the panthers play doesn’t really help his cause… but browns, saints, atlanta down the stretch gotta think he’s gunna do something…

Gordon can go down again any second which is why I say hold Ekeler. Knowing you have Lindsay keep Freeman and dump Funchess. With Moore and Samuel playing better lately too many options

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