Is Shady worth a waiver priority? Time Sensitive Help Please!

I have the number 4 waiver priority out of 10. There are tons of teams looking for a RB but idk how many will actually put a claim in for him.
I’ll be dropping the Ravens D for him since I have the Jags against Buffalo this week.
I already have Gurley, Conner, Chubb, Michel, Fournette, and Cook at RB so this would be purely blocking any of my opponents from grabbing him.
Should I use my priority though or save it for the upcoming weeks and my playoffs?

What other options are there for RBs? I wouldnt think Shady is top priority off the top of my head…unless all the other options are crap

I mean he does have some good matchups weeks 13, 14 and 15 to be fair. I think he could be a good blocking play as there is no way he will be anywhere near your lineup with that RB core. Really the week 13 matchup with Miami is the really good one otherwise week 14 vs the Jets is good and week 15 vs the Lions is okay so it’s not like he’ll be doing what he did last year and putting up 23-28 points a game to close the season and cost you matchups if you don’t have him.

I wouldn’t worry too much if i didn’t get him, holding you waiver priority allows you to block at any time still as well, so if a crazy drop happens, injury or a quality playoff DST became available that would be why I’d maybe hold the priority here