Is Smith worth it?

Hi guys and gals

I am in a 12 team standard and just wondering if Tre’quan Smith was worth a pickup. I must play 2xRB, 3xWR and 1xTE

Current lineup is:
RB: Fournette, McCaffrey, K Johnson, Lynch, Powell
WR: Hopkins, Sanders, Baldwin, Kearse, Cooper
TE: Njoku, Howard

If he is, who do you think I drop?

Thanks heaps

The obvious answer is to drop Cooper for him. May also consider Powell. Yes he has a very high ceiling with Ginn being on IR.

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I wouldnt drop Cooper yet. Yes, he’s had awful games, but his upside is way higher than Smith, who is what, the 3rd or 4th option?

You have two good TEs, I’d sell OJ with another to upgrade elsewhere, then boom, free roster spot for Smith

I like that idea. I am trying to trade OJ now, but struggling to get any takers that would upgrade my position. I will keep working on it!

I’m a big Saints fan and love Smith but Coach Payton is sick in the head with Meredith unfortunately. He wants everyone to praise him for pick pocketing Chicago.

I would not pick up Smith because Peyton is going to force feed Meredith to prove he is a genius. Crazy because all Meredith does is drop and fumble every game.

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I personally wouldn’t go get him, since I think Meredith gets more run in the short term, and I’d rather stash other players at the bottom of my roster. If you wanted to drop someone for him, though, I’d drop one of your TEs, probably Njoku. A case could also be made for Kearse.

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Thank for the advice. Appreciate it