Is Sony Michel droppable?

Transactions are due Wed night and T. Coleman, R. Jones and A. Mattison (I own Cook) are available to pick up.

I would try to avoid dropping michele. Once he has a good game try and trade him! I wouldn’t want any of those guys over Michele the rest of the season but I sympathize with you on how he’s been so far this year. Gotta find another way to get Mattison on your bench though!

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Sounds like you’re in a tough running back spot. I’d try to get Jones (if you need immediate help) and Coleman (that offense looks great and he’ll slot right in atop the running game) on your team if you can.
No, Michel sadly isn’t droppable though.

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I was in a time crunch yesterday. I didn’t get to mention my RB Corps…
D. Cook
D. Johnson
J. Conner
J. Mixon
S. Michel

I thought I was stacked but the bottom three haven’t lived up to expectations!

Man, that’s an insane RB corps. You should absolutely look to trade Mixon/Sony. I would still wait to see who has a big game this week and capitalize on that.