Is Sony Michel droppaple?

I really want this to be another team’s problem.

No! No!

Come on. He’s the starting RB in a high scoring offense. He’s unpredictable but you don’t drop that. If you really can’t roster him and play him strategically, trade him.

Seeing bolden on the goal line carry really was a head scratcher and has me worried about Michel, but you can’t drop him… you need to try to trade him for whatever you can get

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Maybe try to make a trade?

Sony dropped an easy pass and came up short on a short 3rd down run early in the game. It was completely what Bill does when a guy fumbles or doesn’t perform to see Bolden get the goal line work the following series. That’s why we always fool ourselves with the ‘but its a great offense and they run inside the ten’. It also drives you crazy trying to figure out which week it will be okay to use him and since he doesn’t catch many balls he is also pretty much touchdown dependent, but so far Bolden has as many tds this year as Sony does and Brady has at least two if not more. It’s so frustrating to wonder what if all those other tds were going to Sony and we would get a year like when Blount had 17.

He is a classic flex and bye week full in.

No, if anything send out 2 for 1 package deals including Michel if you don’t want him.