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Is Terelle Pryor Droppable?


It’s been 7 weeks now and still hasn’t gotten it done any week, is it finally time to drop him?


Yes. I am in the same boat and I’ve determined I’m done wasting a bench spot on him, 7 weeks is enough time to figure it out and it’s not worth the frustration anymore.

Dropping to pick up stills, ginn or someone along those lines


Yes. I’m dropping him to pick up Sanu or picking up Aaron Jones for more depth. I believe he was benched for most of the game for Doctson.


If theres any WR in that offense to sit on right now its doctson… he straight up replaced pryor last night and after the game Gruden said something along the lines of “we drafted Josh to be that No.1 guy and now that hes healthy were going to see what hes got.” Watching that game it was Doctson and Crowder in 2 WR sets… the team has given up on Pryor so now you have to too. Right now i have Stills as my priority pick up for Pryor but Doctson is my second choice (for whats available on waivers).