Is the Mark Ingram show back?

With AP going to the Cardinals, what does that mean for Mark Ingram? Will he get more touches and turn into the RB1 he’s been for the past two years or do you think he’s still going to put up the same 10-13 points he’s been getting so far this season. A guy in my league has him on his bench and I want to make a trade for him before he starts going off, is it worth it?

I will Bump because I also have Ingram and really need and RB1.

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I dont think much is going to change. AP got what 6 carries a game so i’m sure there will be some sort of split of those carries between him and Kamara. Had they traded Kamara, i think then it would have meant a lot more carries for him but them moving AP doesnt change a whole lot in NO.