Is the Pats D worth it? (trade question)

I am offering Gurley, Chark, and the Titans for Kamara and the Pats.

I am trying to sell Gurley high - I doubt his yardage will improve much and his touchdown frequency is unsustainable. I also think Chark is going to drop to a high end WR 3 performance for the rest of the season. He already has been lower these past two weeks (tried trading him starting two weeks ago to no avail).

10 team league, 2 WRs, 2 RBs, 2 flexes. My defenses are currently the Titans and the Packers. My RBs are Gurley, Carson, K. Johnson (RIP), Damien Williams (basically RIP), Singletary, and M. Brown. My WRs are Hopkins, Godwin, Ridley, Chark. Mclaurin. For what it’s worth, my TEs are Kittle and Andrews.

Every week I doubt that the Patriots defense can do what it did the following week, yet it does. Maybe it’s time I accept it and trade off two players that I suspect have peaked this year?

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I have the NE DEF. I’m killing it. That being said, I’m bracing myself for possible change. They have a much less favorable schedule moving forward and the toll a season puts on athletes has got to lead to some minor decline in production. I never roster two DEF, but the end of the season and as good as NE has been, I’ve stashed the PGH DEF to see where it all goes.

If also have a hard time letting go of Kamara too. He’s beasting without Drew. He’s knicked up but he should be fine. With those 2, I’d imagine that owner being in a competitive situation for the playoffs. Has he expressed interest in letting them go?

The owner is currently tied for third but in sixth when accounting for tie breakers (I’m first - TY footclan). She is new to fantasy, so she has no loyalty to Kamara’s name (or any players’ name for that matter). Her main interest is in acquiring a better wideout. She has Sanu, Golladay, T. Gabriel, Juju, and Dorsett.

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So by that rationale, it seems like the real exchange here is Chark for NE DEF. With some peripheral package trimmings.

It sounds like you’re in a position to be ruthless or Galant. At it’s base, “NE DEF for Chark” sounds unbalanced in your favor.

The Titans are in Limbo. Zero identity and now on a vision quest. That DEF should be bending until they snap all season.

Rams have O line issues, the offense is saturated and the backfield is confusing even with Brown out.

Chark is a talent. But the Mustache is volatile.

I like Kamara more than Gurley. And I like NE DEF better than Chark and TEN combined. If she goes for this, you win. Big.