Is the Ravens D/ST dropable?

I typically stream defenses and currently roster the Ravens D/ST. The Ravens D is ranked 2nd for fantasy and has been solid. However rest of season schedule is as follows.

Falcons (fantasy play offs)
Chiefs (fantasy play offs)
Bucs (fantasy finals)
Chargers (fantasy finals)

I dropped the Jags Defense last year and regretted it. It’s a 12 person league. Wondering if you guys have any thoughts.
PS I have a small but loaded bench so owning 2 defenses ain’t gonna work for me.

Nah. I’d just ride em out especially if there isnt a defense that’s quality to stream. I’ve got bears dst and I wont drop them just cause a bad match up

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Defenses are tough this season, there has been so much more scoring. Just the fact that Baltimore will get sacks and turnovers makes them at least manageable against any team. I have 2 defenses on my roster, the waivers are empty of anything resembling a good defense. If anything, you can probably offer the Ravens + Player X in a deal, you never know who might take that. I’ve been thinking about trading for a defense for the playoffs. Then just stream week to week.

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I’ve been streaming them honestly. Their fantasy playoff schedule looks awful and I’m using that extra spot to ensure I have depth at other positions. I just dropped the Ravens to stream this week.